Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Flawless Graphics

The graphics on our new 3DS Emulator provide you with a visually immersive experience. Play all of your favorite 3DS Games flawlessly on our Emulator for hours on end with no lapse in visual performance.

Intuitive Controls

Our Control System will you have you set and ready to go within minutes . If you don't like the default controls, or they don't function 100% correctly with a specific game, you can change them from the Control panel easily.

A 3DS in your PC

Our Nintendo 3DS Emulator will completely immerse you in any world or game you choose. You have the ability to go Fullscreen.  Experience the real 3D effect you would experience on an actual Nintendo 3DS.


Nintendo 3DS EmulatorThe 3Ds Emulator allows you to play, or emulate, 3DS games on your Computer.  This emulator is compatible with any 3DS game as long as you have the ROM, which you can find on other websites.  With any ROM, you can experience the real 3D effect you would on an actual 3DS.

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3DS EmulatorCertain games are only made for the 3DS.  People choose not to buy a 3DS because it is 170 dollars Minimum.  With this 3DS Emulator, it is the cost-effective option and adds another deadly gaming console to a Gamer's arsenal.  This way you can play 3DS-Exclusive games on your PC.



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